Buried in 2 and a Half Hours


This is a follow up to my post on If you Bury a Digg Story at Least Comment. The story was buried in an amazing 2 and a half hours (even though there where over 30 diggs)! It was amazing to me that it was buried so fast even with the fact that their where so many diggs (it had about 50 diggs in just 3 hours).

After this happened I contacted Digg and asked if there was any way to appeal such a bury and below is the response that I received.

That story was reported as lame and subsequently removed by the Digg community. Buried stories do not get re-instated as that undermines the decisions of the Digg community. Please read our FAQ (digg.com/faq) for more information on buried stories.

I understand Diggs position, however, it would be nice to know at least how many buries a story receives and a way for the story to still get made popular. I would like to know if a bury is given weight than a digg which would make it easy to have stories removed, especially when you can leave a reason like lameness. I would love to see some kind of appeal process that would make it possible for stories that have been buried to have a second chance instead of just being written off.

So, if you digg this story remember you only have 2 and a half hours to digg it up before it will be buried. It looks like the Bury Brigade is quite powerful indeed.

If you agree with the above please digg this and pass it on. Let us try to get it pass the Bury Brigade.

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