ET GPhone Home? - What to Expect from 'Google Phones'


Alexander Wolfe at Information Week has written an article titled Inside The GPhone: What To Expect From Google's Android Alliance in which he deduces the eight key technologies that will play major roles in the Google Android Platform and subsequent GPhones.

Here's a quick rundown:

1) Less is More, especially when it comes to UI
Google has partnered with a Swedish operated called TAT(short for The Astonishing Tribe) who has worked for SonyEricsson, Samsung, TeliaSonera and Orange.

2) GPS - Can live with it, can't travel without it.
Google has partnered with SiRF Technology Inc.(a San Jose, CA based specialist in "location-awareness" technology. SiRF offers chips which enable GPS to be hard-wired into the handset without compromising the size of the overall device. Battery consumption may be an issue, but it doesn't sound like it will be any worse than the iPhone.

3) Web Browser - Surf like a butterfly, browse like a bee
Will it be WebKit(ala Safari and the iPhone) or will it be Opera Mini? Information week has a sneaking suspicion Opera might be joining the Open Handset Alliance soon and will partner with Google to get it's browser in Android.

4) Multimedia Razzle Dazzle
Texas Instruments is a member of the Open Handset Alliance, but so is Marvell Technology Group(who specializes in RF chips). What does have to do with multimedia you ask? Well TI developed OMAP, a proprietary multimedia platform, architecture, and processer family. What does OMAP offer? It offers "pretty much everything a handset maker needs to field a full range of models from bargain-basement GPhones to feature-stuffed, single-chip cellphones on steroids." For example, TI's OMAPV1035 chip is referred to as "the first fully-integrated digital baseband, RF, and applications processor." It handles audio and video playback, allowing record and streaming at 30 frames per second and has a built-in digital camera up to 3 Megapixels with shot-to-shot delay of less than a second , and onboard 2D and 3D graphics! 


5) Real Speech Recognition - remember KIT from Knight Rider?
Open Handset Alliance member Nuance Communications Incsays it's VoCon Mobile speech-interface solution handles standard voice dialing as well has menu navigation in response to verbal commands. VoCon is currently used by Motorola, NEC, LG, and Samsung. Nuance is also focused on simplifying text messaging through new text-input software, like its main product called T9.

6) iPhone Hustle - You can look, but you can touch to.
Open Handset Alliance member Synapticsand its clear capacitive technology will most likely be contributing to the GPhone hardware display. If you don't think they have what it takes to play ball with Apple, check out this photo from Synaptics for the Onyx concept (which can play music and video)
Onyx Concept
7) What's a Google Product without Targeted Content?
Alliance partner PacketVideo Corp, who created the multimedia software behind the Verizon VCAST video and music service, could be contributing MediaFusion - a single portal for music, ringtones, and video targeted to the user based on their purchase history. 

8) Gaming - and no, we're not talking about Snake (Nokia reference)
Look out, because Open Handset Alliance member NVidia is expected to contribute its chips to Gphones, which means we could have a Google handheld gaming system! Nvidia chips are also in LG, Samsung, and Kyocera phones.

Click here to read the full article at Information Week

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