Easy Chat Integration with the Gabbly API

Gabbly is a free chat solution that can easily be added to your web site or application. Gabbly is an Ajax based chat application that has an API that uses iframes to integrate the chat application into your site or applications. Below I have put some of the most useful portions of the API.

The following section shows how you would make the chat window size as you would like:

Window Modifications

Present Window Width

pw= (width in pixels)

This specifies the width of the window that lists the gabbers. If the width is less than 78, it is automatically changed to 0 which has the window closed(but can be opened by clicking the arrow). If no present width is specified, the default is 78 pixels.


<iframe src='http://cw.gabbly.com/gabbly/cw.jsp?e=1&t=gabbly&pw=100' scrolling='no' style='width:300px; height:250px' frameborder='0'>

The following would change the default user name of the user entering the chat. This could be useful if you have users login so you could pass in their username.

Default Nickname

nick = (name)

When a user joins the chat, the nickname field is prepopulated with this value.
If no nick is specified, the default nickname is gabberXXX where XXX is a random number.


<iframe src='http://cw.gabbly.com/gabbly/cw.jsp?e=1&t=gabbly.com&nick=ed' scrolling='no' style='width:300px; height:250px' frameborder='0'>

The following disables the users ability to change their chat name which could be very useful in certain applications.

Disable name change

dnc = true

If the value is true, the 'name change' field is disabled and the user can't change his or her nickname during the chat.
Any other value, or no value will have the 'name change' field active.


<iframe src='http://cw.gabbly.com/gabbly/cw.jsp?e=1&t=gabbly.com&dnc=true' scrolling='no' style='width:300px; height:250px' frameborder='0'>

To check out the full Gabbly API click here.

Now that you have seen this there is no excuse not to have chat on your site. So, if you add Gabbly chat to your site I'd love to here about it. Just leave the url in the comments and I'l check it out.

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