Ajaxonomy.com Launches Social Network


Ajaxonomy.com is proud to present it's latest addition, Social Ajaxonomy, a social network for developers to share links in a digg-style environment.

This is where the community can submit links to articles, sites, posts, and whatever else it finds pertaining to Ajax and other interesting web technologies and further provides users with an opportunity to vote on which links they find useful and valuable. Top articles have a chance to appear in the main blog. So, we hope that you would register an account, build a profile, and start submitting and voting for links! We look forward to growing in this community with you.

Please post your comments!

Congrats!!!! :D


I registered but the account is not tied into the comments section of the main blog. How about some integration?

Also, for 'building' my profile, not a whole lot to do there.

I'm new to the site so I'll certainly add the RSS feed to my reader, but what exactly is so 'social' about the site now? I think you drank too much kool-aid...

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your comments. We just released Social Ajaxonomy on Friday and are still adding features to make it more social. In the near future we will be adding OpenID support and are working on linking the comments section to the id that is used in Social.

The idea of Social Ajaxonomy is that if you submit interesting web related posts that it has a chance to be blogged about on the main blog. In the mean time users can make friends with other users and message them to get some valuable contacts.

Over the next few weeks and months you will be seeing quite a few new features added to Social Ajaxonomy such as improvements to the profiles and better integration with the Ajaxonomy main blog.

As always your comments are very helpful and welcome. We will be looking at your comments and any other comments that we receive as we try to make the site more useful to our users.


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