See what your Site looks like on Multiple Browsers without Installing Anything

Have you ever wanted to see what your new site looks like in pretty much every browser and operating system without having to have multiple computers running all of this software? Well I found a site that can do just this for you and for FREE!

Browsershots .org is a site where you simply enter your url and the site will go out and take multiple screen shots of your site as it would look on each browser. This is great for the design portion of your site creation as you can make sure that your css and even flash or JavaScript looks correct. Since it just takes a screen shot of the site you can't test cross browser interactivity, so for that you would have to use multiple browsers (can you say beta testing).

Browser Screen Shot Maker 1

The site seems to do a good job of taking the shots and you can see some examples below.

FireFox 1.5 on Ubuntu.

Firefox 1.5 on Ubuntu

Opera 9.24 on Ubuntu

Opera 9.24 on Ubuntu

Konqueror 3.5 on Ubuntu

Konqueror 3.5 on Ubuntu

When you use the free service it can take up to 2 hours for the images to be created, but for 10 euros (which I believe is a little less that 20 U.S. dollars) you can get faster processing.

The project is open source, so if you have your own server that meets the server requirements then you can install it and run it for free. Click here to go to the SourceForge page (please note I haven't installed the software on a server yet, so I don't know how difficult it is to do).

If you are designing or re-designing a web site that is public facing I would recommend using this product (you can find this and other site recommendations from me at my at

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