Silverlight Beginner's Tutorial


Laurence Moroney over at Information Week has posted a great beginner's Silverlight tutorial that covers the following:

  • Your First Silverlight Application
  • Understanding XAML
  • Understanding the Blend series of Products
  • Building Silverlight applications using Aptana on the Mac
  • Building Silverlight applications using Visual Studio Express on the PC
  • Programming Silverlight 1.0 with JavaScript

Click here to start the tutorial

the onLoad: handleLoad in CreateSilverlight.js is not calling the function handleLoad in the MainPage.xaml.vb.
here is the code for the .js and the MainPage.xaml.vb :
function CreateSilverlight()
source: "MainPage.xaml.vb",
parentElement: document.getElementById("silverlightControlHost"),
id: "SilverlightControl",
width: "100%",
height: "100%",
version: "1.0"
onLoad: handleLoad

Partial Public Class MainPage
Inherits UserControl

Public Sub New()
End Sub

Dim SilverlightControl As Object
Dim theTextBlock As Object

Function handleLoad(ByVal control, ByVal userContext, ByVal rootElement) As String
SilverlightControl = control
theTextBlock = SilverlightControl.content.findName("txt")
Return theTextBlock.addEventListener("MouseLeftButtonDown", "FireEvents")
End Function

Function FireEvents(ByVal sender, ByVal args) As String
Return theTextBlock.Text = "You clicked me!"
End Function

End Class

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