Tibco General Interface 3.6.0 Released


General Interface (GI) 3.6.0 has been released. This new version promises JSON data mapping (a very good thing as JSON is being highly used by Web 2.0 sites) and template custom control among other things.

Below are some of the key features highlighted on the GI website.

Make Richer Ajax Applications. Faster.

TIBCO General Interface™ 3.6.0
Professional Edition

100+ ready made Ajax controls

Unparalleled visual tools

Extensive docs

Open source BSD licensed

General Interface 3.6.0 brings you:

Template custom control

CDF form mapping

JSON data mapping and JSONP protocol support

One of the main issues that I have had with GI in the past is that it is very heavy on the front end load. Tibco has addressed this issue by allowing you to use different deployment types that allow you to fine tune what is loaded. This really helps the performance and makes the possible use of GI on public facing sites closer to a reality (there are still some browser compatibility issues that will keep the tool from major adoption on public facing sites).

You can learn more about GI (including downloading of the application) here.

The new version of GI is a good tool for developing Ajax applications for internal corporation use. While it is getting closer to possibly being useful in public facing applications, there is still some work to be done before I can see this happening.

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There are several elements found in the main sections where you can define the styles. The styling of each elements can be controlled in the css file. Normally, we name it style.css.

Building General Interface(TM) creates a copy of the source
distribution optimized for runtime. General Interface runs from
the unbuilt source directory or from an optimized build.
Building is therefore an optional step that is highly recommended
for deployed applications
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