Delicious to be Killed and a Social Bookmarking Alternative


News has surfaced today that Yahoo will be killing the Delicious social bookmarking service (TechCrunch is confirming this now here) . I personally have used this service and even wrote the Spy application for the service, so it is a big loss to me personally.

Since I personally was looking for a place to keep my bookmarks, I put up a quick service based on Scuttle. I will be working to improve the service over the next few months (it has a few quirks to it right now, but it is just in beta) and make a logo and name for the service as well as an easy to remember domain name.

However, since I figured that others may be looking for a place to store their bookmarks online, I would give out a link to the site so that others can use it as well. If you want to use it just bookmark the site.

In order to get your existing Delicious bookmarks you will have to login to Delicious and then click on "Settings" and then choose to "Export/Backup Your Bookmarks". Once you do this you can import them into my site by clicking on "add bookmarks" (once you register and login to my site) at the top of the page and then choose the "Import bookmarks from bookmark file". From here you just need to browse for the bookmark file and then upload it to the site and it will bring over all of your bookmarks.

You can go to the new service here.

If a lot of people start using the service, I will get an easy to remember domain name and make it look better with a proper logo. In the mean time, I hope that this gives all the other Delicious lovers out there a place to store their bookmarks.

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