300,369 buries recorded in the last 2 weeks and counting...

Copy and past the url of the Digg story that you want to follow. The application will show any captured buries once you click the button.
Please note that the story URL is the URL of the page that the "more" link on the Digg upcoming/popular pages takes you or the page that clicking on the story title takes from your profile i.e. http://digg.com/[story]
To releave server strain this application will only show the first a limited number of buries at a time. More buries will be shown every 30 seconds if more exist.

Created by Ajaxonomy. This tool is an open source project and you can post it on your own server we just ask for credit and a link. This application uses the GPL license. To get the source code for this project visit Ajaxonomy.com

Firefox users drag this link to the bookmark section. Internet Explorer userers right-click and then choose add to favorites.
Record Buries.
Once you add the bookmarklet you can click on it from the digg page and the url will automatically be entered into the above box.