This blog was created by professional web developers in an attempt to build a community for sharing and discussing topics related to AJAX and other interesting web technologies. As a registered user of Ajaxonomy.com, you can create your own personal blog. Registration is free - just sign up over on the right side of page (or log in with your OpenID). As a registered user you will be able to write and edit posts and have your own RSS feed. If that wasn't enough, your posts even have an opportunity to be promoted to the homepage and main rss feed of the site.

Besides our main blog and user blogs, this site includes a section titled "global", which stands for Global Ajaxonomy - your source for news, aggregrated from other sites we recognize as valuable sources for Ajax and Web 2.0 information. Your suggestions are welcome for more sites to add to Global Ajaxonomy.

We also look forward to your feedback and hope you would contact us with requests for any specific topics not already on the site.

-The Ajaxonomy Team