My Google Chrome Experience


I've been using Google Chrome for the past few days and have been happily surprised by what I've seen. When you start Chrome you can hear that V8 engine rumbling and pages render extremely quickly. I've loaded many pages on IE7, Firefox 3 and Google Chrome on the same machine and it is incredible how much faster the page renders on Chrome than the other two browsers.

While I really like Firefox, it has some memory management issues that Chrome appears not to have. I've been surfing major sites and haven't had any issues rendering and interacting with pages correctly (while I am assuming that some JavaScript heavy sites may have issues). Like Firefox, Chrome comes with some decent developer tools, out of the box which put IE to shame.

With Chrome being from Google, I can see it having a better chance of competing with IE as Google has the money and resources to try and get more users to start "Chroming". It will be interesting to see what will happen once Chrome is out of beta and how it will compete with IE.

Even though Chrome is still in beta, I've started using it for the majority of my browsing and haven't had any issues (although I'm sure there are many that have found issues). So, if you haven't already, go download Chrome and enjoy a new web browsing experience.

I have the same experience - the pages render fast and it feels very smooth. However, it lacks some functionallity that could maybe provided through extensions.

I would seriously pay $50 for a browser that works.

I can't run the latest two IE 7 or 8 updates because I love my Win2K that I have used for years. FRAK XP and Vista.

FireFox is poorly coded and has huge CPU resource problems when trying to render multiple tabs especially when viewing heavily AJAXed sites like Digg and FaceBook.

Opera is great but does not allow third party plugins like RoboForm that I depend on to increase productivity and organizational goals.

Chrome, it has 2out the the 3 problems listed above.

All I want is speed and productivity. Integrated search? If I want to search I will go to Google. I ended up using a third party optimazation exe to fix the memory settings in FireFox. If another site can write a 1MB exe that fixes FireFox why can't get it right themselves?

I am totally digging google chrome - soo sick of Firefox and all the extras. I'll have to look more into the developer tools.

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