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Making Money With Your Open Source Project
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Making Money With Your Open Source Project

So you've just finished the best open source project since Linux and your are very happy with the results. Now that you have put all that sweat and tears into your project your pocketbook is still empty (even after 100,000 installs of your project). How do you capitalizing on your project, so that you can continue to improve the project (with the help of the open source community of course). now offers a service where you can sell support of your project, so that you can keep users happy and make a little money as well. The service is modeled on eBay's marketplace and will compete with Red Hat's Exchange launched earlier this year. The advantage that has is that most open source projects are already posted on the service so many people will already be using the service to get download the project. There are already more than 800 listings and the number is expected to explode very quickly.

It is always good to see something like this that helps keep open source projects going.

Click here to go to the market place.