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PHP Rants and Server Side Language Benchmarks
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PHP Rants and Server Side Language Benchmarks

I was looking into writing an article about what server side language is fastest. In the process I found quite a few good articles.

The first interesting article is a rant about how good a language PHP is. Read the article here.

I personally am a pro PHP and Ruby guy so I love pro PHP articles. I also think that PHP performance is pretty fast and that is why I was looking into benchmarks and I got some interesting results.

The next is an article with some links to tools that are for benchmarking server side language performance (some are free). Click here to read.

The below articles are of various benchmarks and opinions on the server languages which are fascinating.

Looking at these articles has got me wanting to setup a server running the various languages to run my own benchmarks. Once I do it I'll post the results.

In my next post I'll get back to writing about sessions from the connections conference last week.