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Sparkline PHP Graphing Library
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Sparkline PHP Graphing Library


If you are creating an application or widget that deals with complex data such as a stock ticker you probably want to graph the data. Sparklines are a great way to graph such data in a small space. In fact it is amazing how much information you can get by just a quick look at a Sparkline.

Below is an example of a Sparkline from


Back in the dot-com heyday, you might remember that Cisco, EMC, Sun, and Oracle were nicknamed "the four horsemen of the Internet". You might now say: "companies that ride together, slide together." Large 10-year charts of these four stocks.

  5-Year Close High Low
Cisco 19.55 80.06 8.60
EMC 13.05 101.05 3.83
Sun 5.09 64.32 2.42
Oracle 13.01 43.31 7.32

The below code example is how you make a simple bar graph Sparkline.

 // Set the spacing between the bars
 // Add a color called "mygray" to the available color list
 $graph->setColorHtml("mygray", "#424542");
 // Set the background color to this new color
 // As of 0.2, if you didn't set the color beforehand,
 // your background would be black
 // Begin the loop to add the data
 foreach ($data as $key => $value) {
 // Add the data
 // This will make one white bar with the relative value
 // of $value
 $graph->setData($key, $value, 'white');
 // Draw all necessary objects for our graph
 // The height will be 16
 // Displays the graph by sending a 'Content-type: image/png'
 // header then outputting the image data

You can get more information about the Sparklines PHP Graphing library at

Now that you have the tools to create a Sparkline go make a cool new application or widget that use Sparklines.