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Is PHP Good Enough for Your Startup?
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Is PHP Good Enough for Your Startup?


When it comes to web development people are in quite a few camps when it comes to web development languages. For the most part the major camps right now are .NET, Java, Ruby, Python and PHP. For many PHP is the lowest web development language on the list and some developers are somewhat embarrassed to admit that they program in it (many think it is a language for hacks).

I personally think that if PHP is done properly, it is a very good viable web development language. The question is if you think that PHP is good enough for your startup. Would you be embarrassed when others ask what your site or application is written in, or would you proudly proclaim that you used PHP?

The startup ChartBoost that deals in on-line advertising has written a good post about this subject. They use PHP and it is interesting to read their thoughts.

Below is an excerpt from the post.

Running a Modern Startup on PHP

In the modern world of agile startups and silicon valley, the buzz is all about Ruby, Python, and whatever the latest cool programming language or framework to come out is. Older technologies don’t get much love, and PHP especially has a bad reputation. In this post, I’m gonna go over why and how we use PHP as a modern technology, and the various other tools, techniques and development methodologies we employ to run as agilely and elegantly.

You can read the full post here.

So, what web development language is good enough for your startup?