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The Weight of a Bury
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The Weight of a Bury


You may have seen my last post about the launch of the Bury Recorder (click here to ready the original post), well, to fully test the application I ran the Digg story of the post through the Bury Recorder application and I got some interesting results.

The story was fully buried (meaning it doesn't show in the upcoming, popular or hot sections of Digg) with 68 diggs. What was incredible was that it was only buried 4 times! Another thing that seems incredible is that the story as of the time of this writing has 107 diggs after being submitted 22 hours ago (when you think about it this is kind of amazing in itself as it was buried way back at 68 diggs). Another interesting this is that the first two buries where between 9:00pm and 11:00pm while the last two where between 5:00am and 7:00am. I'm not sure if this means anything, but it seams interesting how they where spaced. This ratio seems incredible to me that a bury would be given so much weight. The below image shows the actual data from the application.

I'm not sure if this is a fluke and if it would normally take a larger ratio (I know the algorithm changes depending on who dugg the story and the time of day etc..) to fully bury a story, so I'll be using this on some other Digg stories and write about my findings in the near future.

The nice thing about having the application is that we can now find out information like this which will at least take the mystery out of having a story buried on Digg.

While there's no current way to accurately determine the weight of a bury by using this recorder we may be able to gain future insight on the patterns of buried stories (number of buries required to fully bury the story, bury frequency, bury reasons, etc...). This could possibly help combat the rumored Bury Brigade.

You can go directly to the Bury Recorder application by clicking here.