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John Resig Announces Plans for Second JavaScript Book
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John Resig Announces Plans for Second JavaScript Book


On his blog yesterday, John Resig - creator of jQuery - announced plans to begin work on a new JavaScript book. His last book, titled Pro JavaScript Techniques, was a success and is available online at Amazon.

The content of the book has not yet been solidified, but John has posted a question to the readers of his blog requesting some assistance. He's asking: "What are the greatest untold secrets of JavaScript programming that you wish were thoroughly debunked and explained?"

John already has some of his own answers to this question, and they are:

  • What is (function(){ })() and why is it so fundamentally important to modern JavaScript development?
  • What does with(){...} do and why is it so useful?
  • How can arguments.callee change how I work with JavaScript code?
  • How exactly do timers work and how can I best use them?
  • How do I identify and tackle memory leaks in web applications?
  • How do I write a cross browser way of...
    • Getting/setting attributes.
    • Injecting HTML strings.
    • Getting/setting computed css values.
    • Managing DOM events.
    • Writing a CSS selector engine.
    • Doing smooth animations.
  • How can I use verification tools (like JSLint) to my advantage - and write my own?
  • What's the best way to transmit JavaScript files?
  • How do I write my own JavaScript compressor (like Packer)?

If you have any suggestions for questions to be answered in John's new book or would like to give him a word of encouragement, you can leave him some feedback on his related blog post.