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YouTube High Quality Video - Coming Soon
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YouTube High Quality Video - Coming Soon

If you haven't heard Steve Chen (co-founder of YouTube) announced at the NewTeeVee Live conference that high-quality video streams are coming soon.

YouTube is reportedly testing a new player that will detect the speed of the viewers network connection and adjust the video quality and bit-rate depending on the network connection. If the player detects that the user has a fast enough connection it gives the higher quality as an option but does not force you into that (at least not at the initial roll out).

One issue may be the quality of some of the videos that are posted as they are already a pore quality, but hopefully this would encourage people to post higher quality videos on YouTube.

The new service should be available to everyone within three months

For more information check out this post from the Google Operating System Blog. Also, keep an eye on the YouTube Blog for the official announcement of the release.