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MooTools 1.2 Beta 2 Released
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MooTools 1.2 Beta 2 Released


MooTools has released what will likely be the last beta for version 1.2 of their framework. Here's what you'll find in this new release:

1) Documentation - it's said to be almost 5 times more detailed than version 1.

Every class option has now its description, every method has a complete list of arguments along with description, type, and now every functionality comes with a code example -- sometimes more than one. If you want to see it for yourself, here is the temporary link for the 1.2 beta documentation.

2) Element Accessors

Example - working with the href attribute

$(element).set('href', ''); //setter
$(element).get('href'); //getter

Example - setting the default morph options

$(element).set('morph', {duration: 100, transition: 'quart:out'});

Now when we call the morph method on the element, the default options will be set.

$(element).morph({height: 200, width: 200});

Example - set method now accepts any Object containing any of the settable properties

    href: '',
    text: 'mad4milk website',
    morph: {duration: 200, transition: 'quad:out'},
    events: {
        click: function(){
            document.location.href = this.href;
            return false;

Element Accessor Public API - you can create a single "special attribute" that will be able to set a multiple attributes of an element. For more info, check out the documentation.

3) Fully redesigned dimension system - it's now much easier to get window or element dimensions, scrolling offsets, visible height or the full scroll height. For more info, check out the documentation.

Read the full announcement for MooTools 1.2 Beta 2

If you're wondering what changes were in MooTools 1.2 Beta 1, read more about it here.