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Symantec's Top 10 Internet Security Trends
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Symantec's Top 10 Internet Security Trends


Here's the Top 10: 

10) Virtual machine security - hot powerful technology ripe for the hacking. Using the power and flexibility of virtual machines could take cyber crime to the next level.

9) Professionalization of cybercrime - money is being made off discovering vulnerabilities/hacks and auctioning those findings to the highest bidder.

8) Web plug-in vulnerabilities - ActiveX had a number of issues this year and plugins will continue to be a chink in our armor

7) Bots - hacking by proxy, using bots, to siphon protected information

6) Exploitation of trusted brands - especially in the form of emails from financial institutions (banks, credit unions, paypal, etc...)

5) Phishing - hackers throwing out some bait and hoping they'll catch some victims

4) Professional attack kits - making it even easier for attackers to cause trouble

3) SPAM - it's what's for dinner, and now it's coming in new flavors (pdfs, mp3, greeting cards, etc...)

2) Windows Vista - 16 security patches (and counting) since its introduction

and the #1 Internet Security Trend is............

1) Data Breaches - average cost per incident is in the hundreds of thousands and rising. TJMaxx,, and being hacked, as well as an estimated half a million vulnerable database servers, have made this the #1 Security Trend.

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