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Will Internet Explorer 8 Pass the Acid2 and Acid3 Tests?
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Will Internet Explorer 8 Pass the Acid2 and Acid3 Tests?


Over at CNET's they have posted an interesting story about if Internet Explorer 8 will pass the Acid2 and Acid3 test. The Acid tests are design to make it possible for web developers to create web sites that comply to standards so that they know that the design will be cross browser compliant.

Below is an excerpt from the post.

What will happen when you type in your freshly installed IE 8? Will Acid2 be displayed correctly when you hit the test button?

Microsoft has been asked that question, but it has not given an answer. I think that the company is considering three possible scenarios.

One scenario could be that IE 8 will require users or authors to "opt in" to support standards. For example, in order to render Acid2 correctly, users could be required to modify IE 8's default settings. This breaks with the guidelines of the test, and IE 8 will therefore not pass in this scenario.

A second scenario could be that Microsoft requires Web pages to change the default settings by flagging that they really, really want to be rendered correctly. Web pages already have a way to say this (called "doctype switching," which is supported by all browsers), but Microsoft has all but announced that IE 8 will support yet another scheme.

If it decides to implement the new scheme, the Acid2 test--and all the other pages that use doctype switching--will not be rendered correctly.

A third scenario could be to hard-code the Web address of Acid2 into IE 8. This way, the page is given special treatment to make it look like the browser is passing the test. It should be obvious that this breaks the spirit of the test and doesn't warrant a passing grade.

I predict that Microsoft will implement at least one of these scenarios to limit the impact of standards. This would be damaging for the Web, and I therefore hope that my prediction is completely and absolutely wrong. The IE 8 team has shown that it can render Acid2 correctly. Now it's time for Microsoft to put its code to good use.

Read the full post here.

Hopefully Microsoft will get IE 8 to render Acid2 and Acid3 correctly for the good of the web (although, it won't make me change from Firefox).

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