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Debugging PHP
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Debugging PHP


Even though I really enjoy developing in PHP there are times that debugging an issue can be very frustrating. I found a good tutorial on debugging PHP.

Below is an excerpt from the tutorial.

Starting with the Basics - Parse Errors

Parse errors can be one of the most irritating bugs for new PHP programmers to solve. A missing quote ("), bracket ({,}), and a multitude of other errors can be thrown by the interpreter which may leave you asking "What is wrong?".

Consider this code:

PHP Code:


print "Hello World;


You may notice the missing " after World and before ;. When this code is ran it casts the error:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in C:\wamp\www\broken.php on line 5

Which may leaving you asking, what is wrong with line 5?

Line 5:

PHP Code:


The line numbers may be a little deceiving at first, causing a new PHP programmer to overlook the problem. The real issue is caused because the interpreter sees a quote before Hello and assumes a string will follow. With no ending quote, the interpreter reaches the end of the script, but never completes the string assignment.

When such an error is cast, take a look at the actual line first. In this case: ?>. If no immediate errors appear start working your way backwards line-by-line. Do a quick scan of each line making sure you have terminated them correct (;). Make sure matching pairs have an ending pair (in this case the quote).

Examples of matching pairs:
[ ]
{ }
" "
' '

Now consider the following code:

PHP Code:


if $yourName == "Jordan")
"Hello $yourName";

At a closer look, you see that line 4 is missing the opening (. When this code is ran the interpreter will produce the following error:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE, expecting '(' in C:\wamp\www\broken.php on line 4

Notice this error message correctly states the line number where the error occurred which is why it is very important to start on the line number given and work backwards. What actually happened was the interpreter read the "if" keyword and expected an open parenthesis followed by a condition. Instead it read "$yourName", a T_VARIABLE or token. What this message translates into is "While on line 4, I was expecting a '(' but received a variable."

You can view the full tutorial here.

I hope this helps you when you run into an issue coding PHP.

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