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Yahoo! Live and It's API
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Yahoo! Live and It's API


Amidst all the news swirling around about a hostile Yahoo! takeover, and the battle of the titans (Microsoft & Google), Yahoo! has released a new service - Yahoo! Live - a personal live streaming video service. [read more about Yahoo! Live at their blog]

Yahoo released an API [a set of Web Services and a couple of embeddable Flash objects] along with this new service. With this API, you can:

  • Find out who's broadcasting right now
  • Get data about past broadcasts
  • See snapshots of past broadcasts
  • Embed live video in your blog or web page

Do keep in mind that the service is currently in limited beta and is not always available.
You may get a message stating "Whoa! Yahoo! Live is an experimental release - we can tell you like the experiment! We're tuning now. Refresh, wait a few seconds, or click here to try again."

Read more about the Yahoo! Live API at the Yahoo! Developer Network and be sure to check out the Yahoo! Live Randomizer demo using REST/JavaScript.