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Hack the Day Away with Google
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Hack the Day Away with Google


If you are in the Mountain View area you can attend a "Hackathon" with Google on Friday, February 29th from 2pm - 10pm (there are two sessions one from
2pm - 5:30pm and another from 6pm - 10pm). This "Hackathon" is centered around Ajax development and is a great time to learn the below API's from the experts.

Google Gears []
Google AJAX Search/Feeds []
Google Gadgets []
Google Maps []

There will be a quick over view of the API's before the "Hackathon" starts. A few other things that all of we developers like is that there will be free food, prizes and schwag! Also, make sure to bring your laptop as laptops will not be provided.

You can read more about the event here.

To RSVP your spot click here.