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Will the Web be OpenID Compatible by 2009?
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Will the Web be OpenID Compatible by 2009?


We all would love for all websites to be OpenID compatible. This is looking like a real possibility as more and more companies have announced their support for the standard. Big companies supporting the standard include Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and IBM.

With the support of these large companies we should start seeing more and more OpenID support this year and, if things go right, we may see the majority of big sites going to the standard by the end of 2009.

Over at they have posted a very good article about Heavy Hitters Jumping on the OpenID Bandwagon. Below is an excerpt from the post.

OpenID technology is a viable way to make handling your online identities easier and more secure. It has been slowly gaining momentum, helped recently by beleaguered company Yahoo's adoption of an OpenID style log in for its many web properties. OpenID got another boost recently when a slew of heavy hitters finally decided to jump on the OpenID bandwagon.

In addition to Yahoo, the OpenID Foundation's board can now count Microsoft, Google, IBM and VerisSign among its board members and supporters. That's fantastic news for the web user like myself who is confounded by far too many log in identities and passwords. OpenID simplifies the task of not only remembering your log in for a site, but for keeping the log in(s) secure as well.

You can read the full post here.

I personally can't wait to see OpenID implemented on more major sites (I'm still waiting for Digg to add support). Since we at Ajaxonomy think that OpenID is a very important thing we have included it in our open blogging and commenting systems. So, hopefully by 2009 everyone will be using OpenID!