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AdSense for Video now in Beta
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AdSense for Video now in Beta


We've been hearing that it was coming, but Google's AdSense for Video is finally released in beta form. People will now be able to easily advertise on their YouTube videos.

Below is an excerpt regarding the release from the Official Google blog.

Enter, stage left: the AdSense for video beta. This approach takes the same non-intrusive InVideo ad format used on YouTube and extends it across video partner sites on the Google Content Network. This enables advertisers to run a single campaign across the largest network of online video content.

Unique to AdSense for video are text overlay ads contextually targeted to a combination of signals in your videos and on your site. With these overlay ads, the user's experience is not interrupted; users determine how much they want to interact with the ad.

We have two major goals: to make it easier for publishers to monetize video online, and for advertisers to learn how to reach the video community. Towards these ends, today we're also launching a single destination with an overview of various options to expand online video opportunities called Google Video Advertising Solutions. We hope this will be your starting point to understand how to leverage the Google Content Network and YouTube to make the most out of the online video experience. You can also see our overview videos for advertisers and publishers -- because isn’t video the best way to experience video?

We've been working with a number of video partners (e.g. popular destinations like, eHow, MyDamnChannel, ExpertVillage, PinkBike, TheNewsRoom, and social video aggregators like Revver,, and GodTube). And we're also working with several key video platform solution solutions like Brightcove, Yume, Tremor Media, and Eyespot Network, who have plugged our ads into their platforms.

There are some criteria that publishers have to meet to participate in AdSense for video, which you can learn about on the Inside AdSense blog.

You can read the full post here.

The thing that sounds very interesting is how the ads will be placed in the video. This will be very interesting to see in action. It am looking forward to seeing how this catches on and if popular videos start making decent money.

From Google's stand point it is a great way to increase their ad revenue as they already have a strong hold on sites like this blog (look at the ads on the right hand side of this page). It is possible that with Google's purchase of FeedBurner that they could rule that ad space in Web Sites/Blogs, RSS Feeds and On-line Videos.