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SWFUpload v2.1.0 Beta
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SWFUpload v2.1.0 Beta

Earlier this month, a new beta release of SWFUpload was posted over at This release reduces the amount of code in SWFUpload, improves code reuse, fixes bugs, and adds some new features. All JavaScript in the project is said to have been run through to improve general quality and consistency. For a full change log, click here.

For those of you not familiar with SWFUpload, it is a small JavaScript/Flash library to handle file uploads. Here's a short description of how it works:

SWFUpoad uses a hidden Flash movie to handle file selection and upload. JavaScript is used to activate the file selection dialog. The file selection dialog is configured to allow the user select to a single file or to multiple files. The file types can be restricted so users only select the appropriate files (e.g., *.jpg;*.gif).

Once files are selected each is processed to check for valid file extensions and that the file is within size limits. Flash calls several pre-defined JavaScript callback functions which the developer overrides in order to update the page's UI so users can see file progress or errors.

The uploaded file is submitted separately from the rest of the page and form. Each file is uploaded individually which keeps the server-side upload handling script simple as it only ever has to handle a single uploaded file at a time. Since Flash is providing the upload service the page does not have to be reloaded. The usage pattern for SWFUpload is more like that of an AJAX application than that of standard HTML form. Often the server-side script that receives the uploaded file is different than the target of the page's form. The page's form will be processed separately from the file upload.

Check out some demos

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