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Wired Comfort - Web Desktop
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Wired Comfort - Web Desktop


Today I stumbled across an interesting web desktop. The idea of a web desktop that you can get to from any location is a good one. I've seen other web desktops and this one looks like it compares very favorably.

The web desktop has many features of a normal desktop such as a full web office suite (word processing, spread sheets and presentations). There are many more applications (such as an FTP application and a Chess game) included with your free account and you get 1 GB of storage space for your documents, videos or whatever you want to store on your account. This Web Desktop implementation is based on eyeOS, so you can develop applications using the eyeOS ToolKit.

Check it out for yourself here. If nothing else it is fun to play with.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on Web Desktops and if you would use one.