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New Google API Features
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New Google API Features


The Google Chart API is a great API for building applications that represent data in a simple chart. Well, there are a few new features to the API.

Below is a rundown of the new features.

  1. You can now create Sparklines
  2. You can now create Radar Charts
  3. Now you can create Map Charts
  4. They added scaling for text encoded data
  5. They added support for negative numbers on bar charts
  6. They added ability to draw data lines on bar charts

As with everything in the Google Chart API you simply pass values in the URL. To create a Sparkline you would pass in &cht=ls. If you want to create a Radar Chart you would pass in &cht=r or &cht=rs. In order to create a Map Chart you would pass in &cht=t.

You can get more information about the new features in the API here.

These new features make the API even more useful. I can see some good uses for these new features in future applications that I make.