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MooCrop - a JavaScript Image Cropping UI
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MooCrop - a JavaScript Image Cropping UI

Nathan White has developed an image cropping library called MooCrop, built with the MooTools JavaScript framework. MooCrop can be combined with a server side script to provide image manipulation functionality in your apps. The library weighs in just under 11K and totals for about 35K when you add in the YUI compressed MooTools framework.

Resize the crop area below and double-click it to see the result on the right:

Here are some features of the MooCrop class as described on its homepage:

  • Completely customizable CSS styling
  • Detects and handles multiple CSS box models
  • Allows for masking to be toggled
  • Ability to hide resize handles during drag
  • Custom events for your own modification
  • Relative based postioning rather then absolute (should handle overflow properly)
  • Works and retains layouts on floating images.
  • Resize from 8 different directions
  • Ability to set minimium size limit
  • Cleans up nicely, leaving your DOM in its original state when removed.
  • Fast!

Visit the MooCrop homepage for more demos, information, and downloads