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Meteora JavaScript Widgets 0.5
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Meteora JavaScript Widgets 0.5

Meteora is set of cross-browser Widgets and Controls that you can use to write rich web applications. Meteora is an Open Source project of Astrata Software. It's based on the MooTools framework (version 1.11) and is released under the MIT license.

With the recent 0.5 release, you'll find the following updates:

  • Picbox: A control to display images in top of an overlay. It is smart enough to adapt itself to the screen size. [ demo | doc ]
  • Bubble: Shows "idea bubbles" in any element. We are using it within the Form control as an user-friendly way to display input errors. [ demo | doc ]
  • Treeview: Displays and allows the user to interact with hierarchical nodes. You can use AJAX to create and display new nodes. [ demo | doc ]

Download Meteora