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Reduce our Dependence on Foreign Oil with Technology
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Reduce our Dependence on Foreign Oil with Technology


Normally I write about some new technology, web service or a programming tutorial. However, today I want to write about something that involves technology in a larger sense (don't worry, I'll get back to writing the usual tomorrow).

I live in California (USA) and we Californians drive quite a bit. The other day as I'm filling up my car and see the $40 mark passed by a Ford Focus, I started to think how can we be less dependent on Foreign Oil (I know all of the great minds are trying to solve the same problem). After quite a bit of thinking I came up with a solution that I think would make everybody happy. The answer is one that was common during the first dot com boom, telecommuting.

Think about it, if employees where allowed to telecommute at least 3 times a week, not only would we reduce the amount of gasoline that is used, but we would use less energy in offices. Just think of how companies could possibly reduce the amount of cubes that are needed since employees would not have to be in the office everyday, so shared cubes would be possible. Less cubes means less office space would be needed and less energy used to run the office.

This would save quite a bit of money for both the employee and the employer and would reduce our energy use. Beyond this employees would be much happier as it would help them have a better work / life balance.

Perhaps one day this idea will take off and we will hear politicians asking companies to go to a telecommuting model of business. I would love to hear your thoughts on this solution to reduce our energy consumption and dependence on foreign oil.