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BuddyBlend Adds LinkedIn Support
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BuddyBlend Adds LinkedIn Support


The latest application from Ajaxonomy Labs, BuddyBlend, has just added LinkedIn support. As you know LinkedIn is one of the most used social networks for business professionals. So, we hope the addition will be very useful to all of our users.

If you haven't started using BuddyBlend yet, you may not know that BuddyBlend is a free service that makes it easy to find out what your friends on various social networks are up to. BuddyBlend is an attempt to make it easier to keep track of your friends and easier to setup tracking your friends by allowing you to simply put in your username for a social network and then it will get what your friends are doing (so, you don't need to make friends all over again on a "sub" social network). BuddyBlend also allows you to filter the content that appears on your BuddyBlend, so you can get right to what you are interested in.

LinkedIn is the latest addition to the social networks on BuddyBlend which include the below.

To all of our BuddyBlend users we hope that the addition of LinkedIn will be very useful to you and if you haven't started using BuddyBlend we hope that the addition of LinkedIn will make it useful for you if you decide to use the free service.