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AJAXWorld 2008 East in New York
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AJAXWorld 2008 East in New York


AJAXWorld 2008 East will be held in New York on March 18-20, 2008. The focus of the conference is Rich Web Technologies for Enterprise Web 2.0 and Social Applications.

Topics, like these below, will be covered throughout the sessions at the conference:

• AJAX development IDEs: what are the alternatives?
• When it comes to accessibility, how do I know what's required?
• How can I make AJAX applications that easily go offline?
• How do you make a secure AJAX application?
• Are mashups really contributing to the experience of the Web?
• What's the difference between a mashup and a composite application?
• Am I better off using an AJAX framework, a toolkit or just coding?
• Is AJAX commoditized or will it be soon?
• Will AJAX be standardized in the form of widget APIs or declarative markup?
• What AJAX development tools are available for visual development today?
• How should you handle Web analytics and metrics for Rich Web sites?
• Do we really need JavaScript 2.0?
• How do you scale an AJAX-based design to a very large application?
• How can I harness the energy of my customer base online?
• On what timeline will AJAX skills become commoditized?

Technical sessions will cover challengers to AJAX such as new innovations like Silverlight and JavaFX. As well as performance and browser compatability issues, showcasing strategies for performing unit/stress testing on an AJAX application, and how you apply user interface patterns and user experience design to your AJAX project.

During the first day of the conference, there will be a full day track for an AJAX Security Bootcamp. The speakers, Billy Hoffman and Bryan Sullivan, are notable AJAX security experts and this will be the first ever full day AJAX Security Bootcamp at AJAXWorld. Click here for more information on the bootcamp or here for the whole conference.