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Clean Ajax
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Clean Ajax


Clean Ajax is an attempt to make Ajax development easier. Clean Ajax is inspired on the Java Message API and offers a reliable solution to Ajax.

Below are the features that Clean Ajax promises.

Features Provided

Clean focus is on simplicity and speed on development, keeping the focus only on AJAX issues.

It is very important to note that the sense of simplicity does not mean poorness, so Clean is not negligent with AJAX
problems and needs. To accomplish the mission of improve AJAX applications Clean provides:

  • A high level of abstraction, you can use just one facade to work with AJAX, abstracting everything else.
  • Configuration by exception, the messages require mimimum explicit configuration to work.
  • Simple way to customize message's behavior and apply your on logic to them.
  • Multiple request handle, the engine is able to handle multiple requests simultaneously.
  • Exception handle, the engine is aware about exceptions that can occur and how to report them.
  • Trace console to monitor messages life cycle.
  • Cache and history control (new on version 4.1).
  • Message queue used to manage the requests.
  • Garbage collection.
  • Integration with WebServices based on SOAP and XMLRPC protocols.
  • Cross-browser implementation compatible with the major browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla,
    Opera and Netscape).

You can read more about Clean Ajax here and you can see some nice demos here. To download Clean Ajax here.

Below is the code from the planet example on the demo page.

				function showError(e){
				function get(url, consumer, progress_bar, cache){
				  var message = Clean.createSimpleMessage(url, consumer, showError);
				  if(cache != null)
					message.cache = cache;
				  if(progress_bar != null){
					var progress = new EmbeddedProgressBar(document, progress_bar);
					message.progressBar = progress;  
				function post(url, consumer, form){
				  var message = Clean.createSimpleMessage(url, consumer, showError);	
				  Clean.postFormByName(message, form, false);

The code used does look very clean and small. I think there can be a lot of good uses for Clean Ajax and look forward to playing with it more.