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RedHat releases JBoss AS 5.0
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RedHat releases JBoss AS 5.0


JBoss has released version 5.0 of its popular Java application server, completing a 3 year odyssey to redesign its microkernel architecture (the JBoss Microcontainer). JBoss AS 5 is designed around the concept of a "Virtual Deployment Framework", an AOP-based design that analyzes deployments and produces metadata to be consumed by the container itself, which in turn instantiates and wires together the various pieces of a deployment, controlling their lifecycle and dependencies. The server also integrates other projects from the JBoss umbrella, including JBoss Cache and JBoss WS.

JBoss AS 5.0 is a fully JEE 5.0 compliant application server. It can be run on both Java 5 and 6. After this release, the JBoss team now moves on to JEE 6.0.

It can be downloaded here.