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Ext 2.0 Final Released
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Ext 2.0 Final Released

If you haven't heard of Ext before, click here to learn all about it.

Here's the annoucement right from the Ext JS Blog:

The Ext team is proud to announce that the official release of Ext v2.0 is available for download. This new version of the Ext framework is the culmination of many long hours of work and dedication by the Ext Core team as well as our community of testers and supporters. Ext 2.0 is a dramatic step forward from all previous versions of Ext, providing increased performance, ease of configurations, flexibility and UI capabilities.

We’ve also made learning how to use Ext much easier with a completely revamped document center and expanded & better organized samples. All of this without a significant library size increase in this new version.

New features include:

  • Grouping & Group Summary
  • Ext 2.0 introduces highly configurable single-level column grouping capabilities as well as summary rollups at the group level.

  • Scrolling Tabs
  • The new Ext 2.0 scrolling tabs are truly amazing and provide for a much more flexible UI then traditional static-based tabs.

  • Anchor Layout
  • The team extended the FormPanel component to allow form controls (and other components) to be anchored to a specific size within a specific container.

  • Column Tree
  • The Ext tree panel can be customized to add support for columns in the nodes.

There's also a New API Documentation Center, including:

Click here to download Ext 2.0