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OpenID 2.0's Final Signatures
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OpenID 2.0's Final Signatures

In the comments of my last post on OpenID I received some interesting news regarding OpenID 2.0. Below you can see an excerpt of the original comment from Macskeeball.


Actually, apparently OpenID 2.0’s final signatures will be happening today at something called the Internet Identity Conference.

First I wanted to say that this is great news and I am looking forward to it (especially as I will soon be able to use it on Digg). Plus more big news about OpenID 2.0 is that both Microsoft and Google announced their support (click here to read about it). This is great and I am happily surprised about Microsoft's support.

Also, with the final signatures happening today I thought I would post a link to the most recent OpenID 2.0 draft that I could find. So, click here to read the draft.

As soon as I find the final OpenID 2.0 draft I'll post a link to it. Waiting for it to be final is kind of like being a kid waiting for a present the day before Christmas.