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DWR Joins DOJO Foundation
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DWR Joins DOJO Foundation


DWR, a popular open source framework, which will be very useful in push down methodology. In more technical words, it is a RPC library which makes it easy to call Java methods from JavaScript and to call JavaScript functions from Java. It has number of features like call batching, marshalling of virtually any data structure between Java and JavaScript. It also has integrations with Server side technologies like Spring, Guice etc. More details about DWR is coming soon.

When Joe, Founder of DWR, shows his interest of moving DWR under DOJO foundation because the foundation will take care of legal issues, hosting etc. There are lot of debates went on the user community. Some of them preferred to go under Apache. The main concern in going through Apache is, Apache insists that everything is in the package org.domain and the domain and they generally share the similar look and feel. Where as, DOJO foundation provide support for the things that are important like CLAs and website hosting and don't get involved in things like package naming.

DOJO will not enforce DWR that Dojo toolkit will be tightly integrated with DWR. Dojo toolkit will be one of the toolkits will be supported by DWR. DOJO foundation does not enforce anything on the DWR side.

DOJO foundation answered all of the questions raised by the DWR user group about DOJO foundation.DWR is going to write a proposal to the DOJO foundation that they accept DWR. Hope it will be a good move to DWR and brings lot of visibility to it.