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Keep your JavaScript Small with Dojo ShrinkSafe
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Keep your JavaScript Small with Dojo ShrinkSafe

If you are a developer that has used the Dojo toolkit you have probably heard of ShrinkSafe. ShinkSafe is a great free open source tool that can reduce your code even if you don't use Dojo.

ShinkSafe uses a JavaScript interpreter to better compress code. Below is what the makers say about it.

What is ShrinkSafe? What makes it "safe"?

ShrinkSafe is a JavaScript "compression" system. It can typically reduce the size of your scripts by a third or more, depending on your programming style.

Many other tools also shrink JavaScript files, but ShrinkSafe is different. Instead of relying on brittle regular expressions, ShrinkSafe is based on Rhino, a JavaScript interpreter. This allows ShrinkSafe to transform the source of a file with much more confidence that the resulting script will function identically to the file you uploaded.

Best of all, ShrinkSafe will never change a public variable or API. That means that you can drop the compressed version of your JavaScript into your pages without changing the code that uses it.

ShrinkSafe does a great job of reducing the size especially when you have a lot of code. I highly recommend it.